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You’re looking at too many courses and don’t know where to start – or you don’t feel like paying for all of them?

Our All You Can Study program is designed with that in mind. For a one-time payment at a premium price, you’ll gain unlimited access to all our courses for a full year. You can take up to 3 courses at a time – and there’s no limit to how many you take in total. Dive into our course range today and study anything that interests you. Take exams and cover your wall with certificates celebrating your achievements.  Our research shows you’ll pay up to 40% less this way than you would if you went with individual courses instead. You can also extend your access after the first year is up. 

When can I start?

That’s up to you. You can start the program at any time, and once you’re an All You Can Study member, you’ll have full access to any course you set your eyes on.

You’ll speak to a personal study advisor, so we can get to know you and your goals. Once we know that, we can offer professional advice and discuss the best way to achieve them.

Sign up for All You Can Study today and enjoy unlimited knowledge at the tip of your fingertips!



– honed professional skils that will get you noticed at any workplace