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Do you have a nose for fragrances? Maybe you’re curious about how essential oils help with common ailments? The Aromatherapy home course introduces you to the colorful world of holistic therapy and shows you how it can be used- be it on its own, or to complement Western medicine.

This course reveals the hidden secrets of aromatherapy to you. Learn to give your clients expert advice concerning the use of plants and oils, as well as help them with physical and psychological ailments. Study the ways to combine plants and beauty products for guaranteed effect.

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  • What is aromatherapy?
  • Key concepts in aromatherapy
  • The difference and similarities between aromatherapy and phytotherapy
  • The difference and the similarities between aroma and homeopathy
  • The difference and similarities between aromatherapy and bach blossoms
  • Essential and vegetable oils
  • Flower waters or hydrolates
  • Aromatherapy and massage
  • Aromatherapy and skin care
  • Starting as an independent aromatherapist
  • Finding your first clients


  • Aromatherapeutic treatment and optimal use of essential oils and hydrolates
  • Bringing together the right ingredients for optimum synergy
  • Phytotherapy no longer holds any secrets for you
  • You know how to find customers and keep them happy