Thuiscursus Chemistry Basic Sciences


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Chemistry occurs around you every day, and you yourself use it more often than you realize. When you brew a cup of coffee, you perform a chemical extraction.

When you use ice cubes in a drink, you exploit heat transfer. Everything from clean clothes to a warm fire in the winter relies on chemistry. Register now for this compelling home course – Chemistry (Basic).

This chemistry course provides you with a solid foundation to understand the laws of the world around you while also provides to you with a jumping-off point to explore more advanced chemical concepts. Our at-home, self-paced course allows you the flexibility to learn and acquire new skills while maintaining your current work and home life. These abilities open new doors in your current profession or provide you with a whole new career!


  • The nature of matter
  • Atomic structure
  • Trends of the periodic table
  • Chemical bonding
  • Chemical reactions
  • The heat of chemical reactions
  • Phase changes
  • Physical and chemical properties of compounds
  • The chemistry of solutions and solubility
  • The behavior and reactions of gases
  • How molecules interact with each other
  • The nature and reactions of acids and bases


  • Convert units between different systems of measurement.
  • Graph data and analyze trends.
  • Identify subatomic particles and explain their importance in chemical bonding and reactivity.
  • Predict types of chemical bonding between atoms and accurately name chemical compounds.
  • Predict amounts of reagents and products in chemical reactions.
  • Explain how gases behave and predict changes in pressure, temperature, and volume.
  • Write and use neutralization reactions.
  • Analyze titration data.