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Do you look for a challenging and fruitful job in which you use your creativity with flowers to brighten up their lives?

As a Florist, you are surrounded by beauty every day. You help clients to express love, welcome a new child, celebrate loyalty, send wishes, or to give events the perfect touch. You basically make art with flowers. Mother nature is your color palette!

Learn the art of flower arranging. With accessible materials, you learn how to create playful or stylish floral arrangements.


  • Different flowers and their meaning
  • Fresh cut flowers, freeze-dried or stabilized flowers, artificial flowers
  • The flower arranging materials and tools
  • Floral design
  • Types of flower arrangements and how to make them
  • Creating harmony, symmetry or contrasts
  • Types of bouquet styles and flower techniques
  • Color combinations
  • Find inspiration
  • Flower arrangements for special occasions
  • Flower art in other cultures
  • Your future possibilities as a Florist
  • Start your own flower shop


  • You are a walking plant and flower encyclopedia
  • You can transform creative ideas into a beautiful flower arrangement in a jiffy
  • For every occasion you take care of the appropriate flower arrangement
  • Stitching, binding, bundling and weaving? You master these techniques to perfection!