Thuiscursus Hypnotherapy and Regression Alternative Therapies


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Many unprocessed emotional events are anchored in our subconscious mind and can cause psychological problems and stress. Through Hypnosis and Regression, you help clear these mental blocks for a more balanced and happier life.

You learn to bring your customers into a light trance, completely relaxed, but with self-control. With the help of conversations, you go back to these moments in their past that have had an impact on them and with subtle clues and suggestions, you ensure that these experiences lose their emotional charge. This is how you put the healing process into effect.

This is a valuable course that enables you as a therapist to tackle certain disorders, traumas or fears in a targeted manner!


  • What is Hypnotherapy?
  • What is Regression?
  • Your role as a therapist
  • Create a personal treatment plan
  • Induction and Trancess methods
  • Ask the right questions
  • Reprogram negative experiences
  • Directions, suggestions and adjustments
  • Trauma and anxiety processing
  • Remove mental blockages
  • (Re) activate the healing process


  • Being able to find out the problem through a professional intake interview with your client
  • Being able to properly initiate hypno and regression therapy while expertly guiding your client
  • Being able to solve subconscious problems with your skills