Thuiscursus Illustrator Drawing & Painting


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Drawing & Painting > Graphical Designer

Adobe Illustrator has proven itself as the industry standard for making logos, fonts and other amazing graphics. If you want to succeed in the dynamic field of Graphic Design, you need to successfully master the tools of the trade.

And we help you do just that.

Welcome to the ultimate Illustrator course!

This home course uses a proven method to teach you everything you need to know about the program’s interface, as well as the best ways to successfully use it. Learn how to create sensational vector graphics and illustrations.

Sign up, study, and pave your way to success!


  • Creating illustrative drawings
  • Designing technical drawings
  • Creating graphic designs
  • Mastering the tools
  • Using your creativity
  • Vector graphics
  • Zoom in, pan and choose a color
  • Use different views and effects
  • Draw different shapes
  • Drawing with the pen and editing objects
  • Working with layers, groups, and text


  • You’re a confident master of the tools of the trade
  • You can express yourself through your designs
  • You can successfully design creative graphic concepts