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What is life all about? What is the best way to achieve your goals?

Everyone has questions like that. And everyone would love an answer.

How would you like to be the one that can provide it?

As a life coach, you are the driving force behind people’s growth. Help people overcome their challenges. Learn more about how to lead a fulfilling life and get to help others experience it too.

This unique practice-oriented course teaches you to overcome negative feelings and address unhealthy thinking patterns. Learn to recognize and reform bad habits, and put yourself- and others- on a path to a more fulfilling life.

Sign up, learn and discover an amazing new field!


  • Your future possibilities as a Life Coach
  • Find your first clients
  • The different forms of coaching
  • The qualities of a good Life Coach
  • Preparing and conducting an intake interview
  • Communicating clearly and understandingly with your clients
  • Formulating goals and drawing up an action plan
  • Giving and receiving of feedback
  • The different motivation techniques


  • Ability to connect to your clients means you can achieve success in the field
  • Guiding your client goal by goal on the way to a happier life
  • Ability to choose the right approach means you can help any client