Thuiscursus NLP Personal Development


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Personal Development > NLP Coach

Do you want to learn to communicate professionally and personally? Do you look for connection with others? Do you want to understand yourself and others better in a pragmatic way? Then this home education is your thing! Training, coaching and communicative self-development is the core of NLP, or neurolinguistic programming.

Learn how emotions and perspectives influence your experiences. Discover how missions, motivation and motives make people who they are. Study the role of communication in relationships between people. You get started with all useful incentives! In short, with NLP you optimize your communication and penetrate to the core. Lead yourself and others to more confidence and certainty! You become the NLP expert!


  • NLP
  • Communication
  • Filters
  • Report
  • Collect and exchange information
  • Goals
  • Resources and intervention techniques
  • Meta programs
  • Criteria or values
  • Logic levels
  • Good techniques for an NLP coach
  • NLP and personal or spiritual development


  • Know how to become an incredibly strong communicator
  • Better understand yourself and others
  • Solve and prevent professional miscommunications efficiently
  • Recognize the importance of body language