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Do you want to build a successful career growing and maintaining business partnerships? To be in control of a company’s public image? Are you great at socializing and networking? The PR Management career path is perfect for you!

As a PR manager, you are creating and maintaining a positive public image for your client/ employer. You maintain relationships with external stakeholders and organize events, press conferences, and media meetings. You become an expert at planning and implementing effective PR strategies.

A modern PR manager has a wide array of tools at their disposal. Learn everything you need to know to achieve your goal. Ready to start an exciting new career path? Take the first step and sign up now!


  • Your future opportunities as PR-Manager
  • Enabling PR in your company or organization
  • Handling confidential information
  • Maintaining press contacts
  • Prepare a professional PR plan
  • The importance of an efficient network
  • How a PR agency works
  • Press releases, speeches and write articles
  • The different communication techniques
  • Achieve commercial success
  • Public relations and society
  • Ethics within the discipline
  • Marketing and corporate communication
  • The different audiences
  • Turning on the internet for your promotions
  • The benefits of PR
  • The functioning of a PR agency


  • Being able to successfully use PR in your company (or that of a client)
  • Being able to draw up and implement a professional PR strategy
  • Being able to develop a broad and loyal network
  • Being able to write persuasive press releases, speeches and online messages