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Want to start as a Project Manager? As a Project Manager you are involved with the newest trends and evolution within the sector. You ensure smooth adaptation through projects that are often limited in time and budget. With this home study, you discover how you manage your team and at the same time achieve optimal returns!

Become acquainted with the structure of smaller and larger organizations and discovers the importance of the business strategy. You also learn to communicate in a clear and constructive way. You are introduced to the concept of consumer behavior and you learn to respond to customer expectations. You work out a complete project from the needs analysis to the final evaluation.

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  • Introduction
  • What is project management?
  • Working as a project manager
  • Organizations
  • The human factor
  • Target groups for project management
  • Types of projects
  • The different phases of a project
  • Conditions for a successful project
  • Communication with projects
  • Budget and cost control
  • Time management
  • Case: Product development


  • Being able to professionally set up different types of projects and guiding them from A to Z
  • Being able to evaluate completed projects and use the results for subsequent projects
  • Being able to communicate efficiently on projects take care
  • Being able to prepare and follow up a budget plan