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Do you want to start your own business? Do you not know exactly how to get started? Then take no risks, follow this flexible home study and start well prepared for your new adventure!

Under the online guidance of an experienced entrepreneur you will learn how to successfully launch a business. How do I keep a cash book? How do I prepare financial statements? What is my VAT obligation? Everything is covered. So you immediately have all the indispensable knowledge to make it as an independent entrepreneur.

Do not hesitate any longer, register and realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Your top idea is worth gold!


  • How do I start drawing
  • The basis of accounting (single and double) with a primary or secondary occupation?
  • Your business plan
  • Value added tax (VAT)
  • Fill in a sales and purchase diary
  • Keep a financial diary (cash journal)
  • Make an inventory
  • Drawing up the balance sheet and income statement
  • Commercial policy and marketing
  • Commercial law and company law
  • Your social status as a self-employed person
  • Calculating taxes


  • You can start your own business
  • You know the benefits of a sole proprietorship or a company
  • You know the benefits and risks of the independent status
  • You can draw up a business plan
  • You calculate your own taxes and know how a VAT declaration works
  • You have knowledge of contracts, marketing and accounting
  • You prepare the balance sheet and income statement and check whether your company is financially sound